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ZHAOXIN KaiSheng FD-1080@1.8GHz (8核,包括SM2/SM3/SM4)

1The 'numbers' are in 1000s of bytes per second processed.
2type             16 bytes     64 bytes    256 bytes   1024 bytes   8192 bytes
3evp-sm3          97194.76k   331508.86k  1032370.43k  2194666.84k  3261756.76k  
4evp-sm4          661391.20k  1648833.19k  2579646.29k  3005115.39k  3150947.67k
6                 sign    verify   genkey   sign/s verify/s genkey/s
7ecdsa (sm2)   0.0000s   0.0001s   0.0000  49536.1  11044.0      inf
 1The 'numbers' are in 1000s of bytes per second processed.
 2type             16 bytes     64 bytes    256 bytes   1024 bytes   8192 bytes
 3md2                  0.00         0.00         0.00         0.00         0.00 
 4mdc2                 0.00         0.00         0.00         0.00         0.00 
 5md4             111347.00k   399298.92k  1247486.64k  2678251.52k  4013356.37k
 6md5              92767.49k   325917.14k   980888.83k  1965094.91k  2779305.30k
 7hmac(md5)       172580.50k   554145.02k  1419298.13k  2328800.26k  2859240.11k
 8sha1             97151.97k   323283.50k   868122.03k  1502757.55k  1910718.46k
 9rmd160           76907.72k   225230.53k   503567.79k   731061.59k   838481.46k
10rc4            1713592.22k  2269814.04k  2486076.42k  2550196.22k  2567203.50k
11des cbc         233268.28k   238121.75k   238974.72k   239560.02k   239729.36k
12des ede3         87781.10k    88994.09k    89456.38k    89580.20k    89276.42k
13idea cbc             0.00         0.00         0.00         0.00         0.00 
14seed cbc        300917.93k   312034.30k   313726.81k   313204.74k   313518.76k
15rc2 cbc         154066.19k   157670.31k   159063.13k   159336.11k   159313.11k
16rc5-32/12 cbc        0.00         0.00         0.00         0.00         0.00 
17blowfish cbc    455474.37k   495361.88k   488514.22k   490852.01k   493322.24k
18cast cbc        436708.59k   465972.14k   472294.66k   475556.52k   476318.38k
19aes-128 cbc     264147.49k   322863.62k   344020.99k   826347.18k   833642.50k
20aes-192 cbc     228329.11k   271582.49k   286548.75k   704092.16k   709427.20k
21aes-256 cbc     201574.45k   238151.83k   244914.69k   608609.96k   612518.57k
22camellia-128 cbc   407404.79k   561366.34k   616701.35k   636068.52k   641725.78k
23camellia-192 cbc   337664.97k   439599.70k   472692.48k   483954.35k   487268.35k
24camellia-256 cbc   339973.49k   439770.09k   472702.81k   483987.46k   487230.12k
25sha256          133521.51k   286961.39k   488020.31k   590975.32k   630175.33k
26sha512          104155.89k   416177.73k   626844.93k   871720.28k   984405.33k
27whirlpool        83252.21k   176459.37k   293330.60k   351535.79k   373298.52k
28aes-128 ige     308714.17k   322805.40k   324952.06k   326684.60k   327426.05k
29aes-192 ige     261131.21k   271701.65k   273486.51k   275203.41k   275447.81k
30aes-256 ige     226757.72k   231596.17k   234807.64k   236248.41k   236473.00k
31ghash          2789341.13k  4705369.94k  5461926.74k  5674722.30k  5749426.86k
32sha384          104899.32k   419952.30k   627487.23k   872174.59k   984135.00k
34                  sign    verify    genkey     sign/s verify/s genkey/s
35rsa  512 bits 0.000025s 0.000002s 0.000000s  40252.3 571428.6      inf
36rsa 1024 bits 0.000079s 0.000005s 0.000000s  12673.3 206477.7      inf
37rsa 2048 bits 0.000558s 0.000016s 0.000000s   1793.5  61717.4      inf
38rsa 4096 bits 0.004067s 0.000060s 0.000000s    245.9  16679.7      inf
40                  sign    verify    sign/s verify/s
41dsa  512 bits 0.000025s 0.000022s  39216.4  45885.6
42dsa 1024 bits 0.000058s 0.000058s  17121.5  17228.9
43dsa 2048 bits 0.000183s 0.000196s   5471.5   5112.3